Memories of Ron
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Memories of Ron

Ron as the Bear

by Tod Riedel on 04/08/13

I just want to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for everything you are doing in memory of Ron.  Jenna, Cole, Gordon and I smile and laugh when we recount the many stories that Ron used to tell about his Bear days. We remember how his eyes lit up, and how his voice was so light and happy. Ron was very proud to be the Cornell Bear and would be honored, and humbled, to know what you are doing in his memory. Thank you again!
Andrea, Jenna, Cole and Gordon

"Ron loved every minute of his time at Cornell and none more than when he was out and about campus as the Cornell Bear."  - Dale Okonow

"So,after an early-morning Food Chem exam (courtesy of Prof.Rainsford), a 6+ hour ride to Boston Garden (no time for stops), Ron strips to his underwear, quickly changes into the Bear in the old Boston Garden parking lot and barely makes the opening faceoff for Cornell Hockey's ECAC quarterfinal match against UNH. But, he was absolutely ready for action. Undeniable school spirit. That was Ron." - Tod Riedel